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Why the Foundation



The Turning Leaf Foundation envisions a world where benevolence, generosity, and good will are blindingly visible.

Let's face it, the world can be a messy place.  And what we attend to becomes our reality--what we water grows. Not discounting the messiness, if we take the time to look around, there is much more happening than cruelty, malice, and ill-will. There are people reaching out to help the less fortunate.  There are those who work to protect the environment.  Many donate time and money for the causes they value.  In crisis situations, following catastrophes and disasters, many people are quick to offer assistance.  Many are content and share graciously.  Doors are being opened for one another. Countless non-profits and special interest groups exist worldwide to tend to the needs of others. Empathy and compassion are found everywhere. People care.

At the Turning Leaf Foundation, our vision is to be a part of the solution, to nurture in ourselves and our participants the development of positive, skillful, and beneficial qualities that speak louder than cruelty, malice, and ill-will.  We see a world where intentional, attentive people actively cultivate inner growth and development and make ethical decisions with discerning wisdom.  We see a world flourishing with open-heartedness founded on the qualities of equanimity, loving-kindness, compassion, and empathetic joy.  We see a world pulsating with optimism.  We see a world where conversations, negotiations and policies are founded on the certainty of interdependence, imbued with altruism and gratitude. We see a world where healthy relationships are ubiquitous.

This is not a utopian dream.  Rather, it is an obtainable reality as each and every one of us carry within us the seeds of these qualities.  The Turning Leaf Foundation is here to water these seeds and to foster their growth.



The Turning Leaf Foundation seeks to foster environmental well-being through inner flourishing.

By promoting and encouraging the open-hearted qualities of equanimity, loving-kindness, compassion, and empathetic joy, of living with attention and intention, motivated by values and ethical decisions founded on clarity of thought, people will begin to see their absolute dependence upon one-another and the local and global environment.  As these positive and beneficial qualities are embodied, environmental distress will decrease as  people become quicker to recognize harmful environmental deterioration driven by questionable motivations and the misperceptions of separateness, permanence, and the origin of satisfactoriness.  These misperceptions lead to self-centered decisions, attachments, and dissatisfaction, all of which add to the detriment of the local and global environment.  We are part and parcel of the environment, and how we treat ourselves and each other creates the world in which we live.  And the world we live in now, at least in part, is a messy place.

The Turning Leaf Foundation is founded on the belief that every individual can change for the better, and that as we improve ourselves, the whole environment improves.

No matter where we’re at in our life, whether we’re happy with what we’ve accomplished or whether we’re in the depths of frustration and despair,  we can always identify areas that can be improved upon. However, while making the necessary changes in our lives in order to implement these improvements is quite simple, it is not easy.  We find ourselves in ruts of behavior and habit. Typically, no matter how many times we attempt to exercise more, lose weight, spend more time with the family and less money, or whatever the intention, we invariably find ourselves right back where we started, discouraged and riddled with remorse. Transformation requires more than a desire to change. We must first understand why it’s difficult to change. We also need simple, practical and functional tools that can help support us in making the changes we want to initiate.  And, we need support from a loving and understanding community. 


The courses and events we offer are designed to provide a foundation for you to turn over that new leaf, to become the person that you’ve always wanted to be. We offer a practical, time-tested set of tools which can help you to live an attentive life, a peaceful and content life even in the midst of chaos, a life based on your values, filled with compassion for yourself and others. A life lived with these  qualities is a meaningful and purposeful life, free of regret.  

As we improve our lives and embody the reality of our utter reliance upon each other and the environment, we become more equipped to make informed choices which decrease environmental degradation, exploitation, and oppression which lead one to personal well-being and contentment.  As we improve ourselves, the environment correspondingly improves.  After all, we are a part of the environment.